Goodbye Grumblings

Find the good

Fill your heart with awesome — there’ll be no room for grumbles

Last week, Thing Two told me about an evening of awesomeness she had with the Scouts, and she gave me permission to share the story. I hope it brings you as many good feelings as it did me. She and a couple of other Scouters went with the 1st Greenwood Scouts (aged 11 to 14) on the bus […]


It’s better to be kind than fair

I believe that letting kindness guide my actions, rather than focusing on whether or not things are fair, will lead to fewer visits from Grumblings. I’ve often thought that I place too much emphasis on fairness when it comes to small things. I’m not talking about society, justice and the law. I’m talking specifically about […]


A bike story reminds me about gratitude, planning and the pleasure of helping

Thing One has a sturdy, expensive bike. It’s made by a company in British Columbia, on the other side of the country from Ottawa. It’s customized. It survives his riding every year on the first bare roads of March through to November’s cold and ice. This bike has history: he rode it while volunteering as a first aider […]


Volunteering — it’s about getting as much as giving

Is volunteering its own reward? It’s National Volunteer Week here in Canada, a time to celebrate volunteers, who give almost 2 billion hours a year in Canada, an amount of time that’s equal to about 1 million full-time jobs. Volunteering is about giving time, effort and energy. Some 12.7 million people in Canada volunteer, and […]


Want to find and do a lot of good? Join Scouting!

I’m a firm believer that Scouting is good for individuals and for society. Why do I support an organization started by an upper class white male over a century ago, an organization that has had its share of trouble? Because in spite of anything you’ve heard in the news in the past, I’ve experienced the […]