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Cranky? Work up a sweat and get dirty!

Gardening is my favourite way to get filthy. I picture someone wearing spotless white clothes and a big straw hat. A tall drink with ice cubes clinking softly waits nearby. My reality is pretty much the opposite: sunscreen, sweat and filthy clothes. Usually I remember to bring a water bottle out with me. The more I need […]


How to change patterns in a marriage

Start small. Seven months ago, I made a couple of small changes to my daily habits: I stopped using my snooze button and I started writing almost every day. When I think about those changes, though they may seem inconsequential, I feel a pleasant glow of pride and happiness. I also feel optimistic about making […]


Take your dose of nature: it’s good for you!

I went for hike along the Ottawa River with the Scouts this week, and the gorgeous sunset made it easy for me to decide that my next post would be about nature. Nature is an obvious good. I don’t know of anyone who would say that getting out in the fresh air isn’t healthy. Why […]