Goodbye Grumblings

Find the good

Fight grumbling with gratitude

This week, in my quest to find the good, I’m looking at gratitude as a tool to defend against Grumblings. I keep a gratitude journal, off and on. When I use it, I do so right before I take my glasses off for sleep. I find it helps me go to sleep in a positive […]


Why my fuzzy optimism almost ruined the basement clean-up

This past week, Husband and I took the week off work and focused on the basement. The plan was to get rid of as much as we could by recycling stuff, donating stuff or throwing stuff out. We agreed on goals and approach. We had an energetic mix of music of our choosing. We had […]


Volunteering — it’s about getting as much as giving

Is volunteering its own reward? It’s National Volunteer Week here in Canada, a time to celebrate volunteers, who give almost 2 billion hours a year in Canada, an amount of time that’s equal to about 1 million full-time jobs. Volunteering is about giving time, effort and energy. Some 12.7 million people in Canada volunteer, and […]


Take your dose of nature: it’s good for you!

I went for hike along the Ottawa River with the Scouts this week, and the gorgeous sunset made it easy for me to decide that my next post would be about nature. Nature is an obvious good. I don’t know of anyone who would say that getting out in the fresh air isn’t healthy. Why […]