Goodbye Grumblings

Find the good

Good things I brought home from camp

Late last month I spent the weekend camping and playing outside with a bunch of Cub Scouts and Scouters. It was hot, there was a fresh crop of mosquitoes, and the ground was as hard as usual — but I collected a whole knapsack full of good things to help combat Grumblings. I hope these trigger […]


I finally figured out my happy place

Going to a library brings a smile to my face, even if I’m there to pay a fine. Seriously! One recent busy Saturday between grocery shopping and the other busyness of the day, I stopped off to return some overdue books and pay a fine, and found myself grinning and suddenly happy, just because I […]


Fill your heart with awesome — there’ll be no room for grumbles

Last week, Thing Two told me about an evening of awesomeness she had with the Scouts, and she gave me permission to share the story. I hope it brings you as many good feelings as it did me. She and a couple of other Scouters went with the 1st Greenwood Scouts (aged 11 to 14) on the bus […]


Quilters sew comfort

In May, the Alberta city of Fort McMurray burned. People across Canada watched as residents fled with what little they had time to pack or could carry. Videos of near escapes, of cars driving through smoke, of houses in flames riveted our attention. Seeing the images and listening to the stories told in shell-shocked voices was heart-wrenching. […]


Take time to notice the good

I’m grateful for times when Grumblings doesn’t make an appearance, times when finding the good is easy. In this post, I’m making a point of appreciating some good I was fortunate enough to enjoy. I’ve touched on how powerful negative messages are in another post. I firmly believe that good will triumph. I also believe that we need […]


Five treasure troves overflowing with good

I’m repeating myself when I say that I believe we can find good almost anywhere, if we just watch for it. We can find good — but we don’t always make the effort. We need to do it on purpose, to be on the lookout for it. But why? Why should we bother? The news that […]