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Welcome to Goodbye Grumblings

Thanks for stopping by. Join me and set aside bad news for awhile. Let’s focus on the good.

Every so often I post either links to some of the good out there or personal musings about saying goodbye to grumblings and finding the good within.

I’m on a mission to be my best self and to find the good — the hidden treasure — in the world. Writing about my grumbling helps me get to the heart of things. Sometimes, I find ideas about how to break the grumbling habit. And sometimes I share stories about and links to the  good that’s out there. So much of what we read, hear and see is negative that I believe we need to make a real effort to find the good. It’s not super sparkly or sensational, but it’s worth looking for just the same.

I’d love to hear about your good things. Have you got a tried-and-true way to stop grumbling, or even just an inkling of an idea? Do tell!

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Decorative image of toy treasure chest

Treasure is everywhere, and it is good


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