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What I learned from a bittersweet pandemic adventure

Consider the crazy idea — it might be the right one. In late summer 2020, Dad told me his cancer had spread. I longed to see him. His doctor said we could count on Christmas, but not on Easter. Travel for him was out of the question. But my work was portable: all I needed […]


Stories of Dad

Any desire to grumble fades in the face of grief. I’ll always love you, Dad. Robert Bruce Desson Liddle, born April 20, 1938, died in the very early hours of February 28, 2021. He was sleeping, as he had been for several days, at Country Meadows long-term care home in Neepawa, Manitoba. He would have […]


A lesson from Grandma: keep an elastic heart

When Grandma died in November, family and close friends came together informally to mourn. We ended up in a big circle in my cousin’s home, looking out on Grandma’s beloved Rideau River. We shared stories, memories and sorrow. People spoke of how much they learned from her, how much they loved her, how much they’d […]