Goodbye Grumblings

Find the good

A bike story reminds me about gratitude, planning and the pleasure of helping

Thing One has a sturdy, expensive bike. It’s made by a company in British Columbia, on the other side of the country from Ottawa. It’s customized. It survives his riding every year on the first bare roads of March through to November’s cold and ice. This bike has history: he rode it while volunteering as a first aider […]


Quilters sew comfort

In May, the Alberta city of Fort McMurray burned. People across Canada watched as residents fled with what little they had time to pack or could carry. Videos of near escapes, of cars driving through smoke, of houses in flames riveted our attention. Seeing the images and listening to the stories told in shell-shocked voices was heart-wrenching. […]


Take time to notice the good

I’m grateful for times when Grumblings doesn’t make an appearance, times when finding the good is easy. In this post, I’m making a point of appreciating some good I was fortunate enough to enjoy. I’ve touched on how powerful negative messages are in another post. I firmly believe that good will triumph. I also believe that we need […]