Goodbye Grumblings

Find the good

Good things I brought home from camp

Late last month I spent the weekend camping and playing outside with a bunch of Cub Scouts and Scouters. It was hot, there was a fresh crop of mosquitoes, and the ground was as hard as usual — but I collected a whole knapsack full of good things to help combat Grumblings. I hope these trigger […]


What I learned from the talkers

In which I explore a grumble about talkers… and then salute them. I’ve written before about how normally my worst grumbling happens at home. However, during a workshop this year I caught myself grumbling excessively during my work day. It was a group discussion with four women during a course. At one point I found myself […]


A bike story reminds me about gratitude, planning and the pleasure of helping

Thing One has a sturdy, expensive bike. It’s made by a company in British Columbia, on the other side of the country from Ottawa. It’s customized. It survives his riding every year on the first bare roads of March through to November’s cold and ice. This bike has history: he rode it while volunteering as a first aider […]


Take time to notice the good

I’m grateful for times when Grumblings doesn’t make an appearance, times when finding the good is easy. In this post, I’m making a point of appreciating some good I was fortunate enough to enjoy. I’ve touched on how powerful negative messages are in another post. I firmly believe that good will triumph. I also believe that we need […]


It’s easy to find the good

This past Christmas, I experienced firsthand just how easy it is to find the good. I came across one unexpected and beautiful oddity while out with the family. I saw kindness in action in the local news. I remembered a long-standing online tradition of sharing. Keeping a goldfish warm On Sunday evening, December 27, with the […]