Goodbye Grumblings

Find the good

You don’t have to jump through hoops to get these three great benefits

I signed up for an exercise class with a friend and ended up getting three good things for the price of one: exercise, laughter and socializing. I don’t need to go into just how great these three things are for health, stress levels and even longevity. Use your google-fu and you’ll find a whole lot […]


What I learned from the talkers

In which I explore a grumble about talkers… and then salute them. I’ve written before about how normally my worst grumbling happens at home. However, during a workshop this year I caught myself grumbling excessively during my work day. It was a group discussion with four women during a course. At one point I found myself […]


Quilters sew comfort

In May, the Alberta city of Fort McMurray burned. People across Canada watched as residents fled with what little they had time to pack or could carry. Videos of near escapes, of cars driving through smoke, of houses in flames riveted our attention. Seeing the images and listening to the stories told in shell-shocked voices was heart-wrenching. […]


Why some of my beliefs trigger grumbling

On the surface of it, these two beliefs seem harmless. People should show appreciation for work done to benefit them or the household. People should do their share of the household work in a timely fashion if they are able to. Obvious, right? Who could argue with those? And yet, I’ve come to the conclusion […]